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What makes John stupid……

Lynn, as we’ve seen, tends to like it when people marry people who are of similar backgrounds. This ‘marrying one’s own kind’ meme came into play when we were reminded that Connie’s marital troubles were the result of her not marrying someone who could safely pass as her sibling and it really seems to come into play when we consider John and Elly. Like his wife, he’s far more interested in surface appearances than the subtleties of life and tends to twist the facts around so that he doesn’t have to question the simplistic preconceptions he confuses with reality. We saw this when Anthony told him about the breakup of his marriage and the dunce came to the conclusion that most suited his world-view; we saw that there was more to the story than Anthony said but good ol’Train Man saw an ungrateful, crazy woman throwing away the family women are supposed to want for no reason he’d admit to be valid. Why is it that John lives and dies by what his neighbors think and why is it that he avoids the self-examination it takes to be fully adult? As with Elly, he’s consumed by fear; he fears being powerless and impotent like the father he thought a puppet of other people almost as much as he fears the deprivation he thinks he suffered. This need to make up for what he thought to be shortchanged as a child is why he insists that his children owe him the food in their bellies, the clothes on their backs and the home they live in. He also insists on having the home life he thinks he’s supposed to have and considers any other arrangement wrong. When one looks past the verbal cruelty for its own sake, the smug refusal to accept that his toys should come a distant second place to his family and even his inability to see that people who criticize him and the way he raises his children might have a point, one sees a whiny, selfish and entitled little child throwing a temper fit because someone is trying to remind him that the world is not himself.

Tags: foob is chick lit, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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