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Working for the Foobs all night and day.....

As I've said before, what strikes me as the most annoying convention of the chick lit genre is the disconnect between the praise lavished on the protagonists and the unpalatable reality of their smug, blank-witted incapacity. It's sort of revolting to remember that the target audience thinks that the shrill, irrational, helpless moron heroine is a wonderful boss because the author says so. That revulsion is doubled by the knowledge that critical thinking is neither welcome nor encouraged. Since the Patterswine are chick-lit monstrosities, let's see what kind of wonderful bosses they are:

  • First off, we have John. As we all know, it would be an act of the highest charity to call him merely unprofessional. He clearly hates his job, he treats his employees like slaves, he gossips about his family and friends while he's supposed to be focused on the patient and he makes no secret of despising small children. About the only reason I can think of for his having patients at all is that they have no choice.
  • Second, we have Elly. We all know that she gushed over a dishonest incompetent who knew how to flatter her, how she couldn't deal with customers and how Moira was actually running things while she sat on her rump and let herself be lied to; what we tend to lose sight of is that it wasn't just being publicly embarrassed when Kortney was unmasked that made her retire. The day-to-day routine of actually having to be an employer was too much for her.
  • Her lack of stamina seems to have been passed down to Mike; the instant he was asked to make a real decision, he resigned and went home to cry to Mommy about the mean, ugly man who was picking on him. In the real world, Deanna would have called him an idiot and gotten herself a divorce lawyer; since this is the Foobiverse, she praised him for destroying his reputation and leaving his successor to clean up the mess he made of Portrait Magazine.

Simply put, the Pattersons' ineptitude, stupidity and destructive nature shines through when put in a position of power over their fellows; what is also crystal clear is their not knowing what they're not good at. Since they think that they're great at being in charge, they think that they have the right to boss people around even after they've retired.
Tags: foob is chick lit, pattersons vs the world

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