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Favoritism, theatrics and inattention: on education in the Pattersphere.

The recent arc featuring Mrs Hardacre reminds us of something I covered once before: Lynn's blinkered vision of the education system. What seems to be going on here is that Mrs H has selected one discipline problem (in this case, Michael) as her Project Of The Year; what this entails is that she lavishes attention on him while ignoring students she doesn't see as having some sort of ill-defined potential. She is thus, as howtheduck said, the template upon which Liz's career as a teacher is based. Why is it thus, you ask? Simple; Lynn doesn't seem to value learning for its own sake. Her notes make it quite clear that she was something of an anarchic pain in the arse who thought the rules didn't apply to her; she boasts about being a defiant, stubborn and ignorant jackass who wouldn't listen to the mean, ugly people who were yelling at her about things she didn't need to know or didn't make sense. It doesn't matter if it's math, English or any other subject; she wants to have a pill to take to become instantly good because she hates the idea of having to work for things. It's sort of stupid to decide that you don't have to learn to punctuate sentences properly or learn basic mental arithmetic because you don't like your teachers and think that you have better things to do with your time than sitting in a classroom but this sort of failure of the mind seems to be something shared by all Foobs. We also have to contend with the fact that the Pattersons are as dumb as they are mean. It would be an act of charity to call them merely inept as students; Mike cannot wrap his tiny mind around ratios, Liz needs to take her shoes off to count to twenty, Elly can't balance her checkbook and John hates to read books that don't have pictures in them. About the only one who actually seems to have good study habits is that picky-faced Martian. Since Lynn has an ax to bury in the skulls of the people who she tormented out of wanton malice, she ascribes the need to penalize children for being inept, lazy, stupid and more interested in playing the fool to ugly old men who want to abolish childhood.
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