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On the enemies of the Pattersons.....

Continuing on from yesterday's theme, it occurs to me that Phil's failed attempt to teach Michael how to play the trumpet is more or less the only summary we'll really need of how Lynn views those who try to instill within her a love of learning for its own sake. It would be a kindness to call Mike a reluctant student; his low boredom threshhold, innate laziness and need to make a moronic spectacle of himself soon wore Phil down and the project was abandoned; the wrap-up had Mike whine that there should be a pill or something that one could take to become instantly good at a thing without, you know, earning it. That being said, the Pattersons share Lynn's need to make their vices into virtues. Mike wasn't a sullen, slow-witted, ungrateful clodhopper who'd rather sit on his ass wasting time when their was work to be done, he was and is a delicate genius who can't pigeon-holed like lesser mortals. We must also contend with another annoying habit of the also-ran: ascribing the disdain their betters feel to jealousy. This, of course, explains why it is that they dare look down on people that look a lot like protagonists. Mira, as a for-instance, isn't a generous, tireless matriarch who doesn't mince words and dotes on her family because she simply can't stay on the sidelines when she sees someone she loves in need; since Deanna has it in her head that she has to deprive herself and her children because people somewhere else are doing just fine without the comforts she denies herself and since Elly hates competition, Mira is a spiteful harridan who wants to be the boss of everyone, especially Michael. Therese's reward for neither suffering in silence nor fools gladly was to be depicted as a succubus by morons who regard her legitimate need to not be shoved aside for their convenience as one of the more bafflingly maddening things they presume to call unfair. It wasn't that the Pattersons, especially Liz, meddled in things that weren't their business or that their needs aren't the will of God, she was irrationally jealous. Another person who ran afoul of the Patterson's need to not value hard work for its own sake was Becky; since John is as lazy and inattentive as everyone else, he meant it when he said that she couldn't possibly be having fun when, as we all know, the life of a D-lister is a lot more enjoyable than that of a petulant, self-willed nobody.
Tags: foob is chick lit, foobs aiming low., pattersons vs the world

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