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The Settlepocalypse: A happy ending for who?

Remember when Lynn was really trying to sell Anthony as a 'marriage partner' for Liz? If you'll allow me, I'll translate what she's saying as I interpret it. (I'll also punctuate it and spell it correctly.)

For those of you who oppose Anthony as a marriage partner for Liz, please consider the fact that he has been closely tied to her family all the while she's been away at school and up North.

Translation: They decided on Anthony because he's the least intimidating of the men Liz has brought into their homes; what's more, his mother defers to Elly.

John and Elly invested in, buy their cars from and constantly connect with Gordon Mayes, who owns a successful automotive complex with Anthony now as manager of the repairs and maintenance division.

Translation: this is first and foremost a business deal meant to allow John and Elly more control over Gordon than they currently do.

Both Elly and John regard Anthony highly and ultimately, this bodes well for Elizabeth's future with him. She respects her parents' opinions.

Translation: She's sort of desperate for any sign that she isn't going to spend the rest of her life in Mike's shadow and marrying someone her parents can actually tolerate might do the trick.

She knows his family, his past, his friends and his personality. His appearance as a successful single parent also says a lot about his ability to commit to and sustain a lasting relationship.

Translation: The first part is a reprise of Lynn's talking about how great it is that Mrs Caine won't object to what Elly does to her grandchildren. The second part should have the phrase "with Liz" added to it. Simply put, Thérèse and Françoise were simply the means Anthony used to get to his desired end of having Liz marry him out of pity.

There's another reason, of course, that Liz has to marry Anthony. John and Elly don't just need to have a means of controlling Gordon so that they can continue to enjoy their life of idiotic spending after he retires. We must also remember that Elly needs a child to live with after John goes to that Big Roundhouse in the ninth circle of Hadesin the Sky. Since she cannot be asked to give up Connie's company, the child she's selected to care for her has to stay in Milborough until she too passes away. It can't be that evil princess Martian who embarrassed her by being right about Kortney and won't follow her destiny of caring for the grandchildren and Mike's too important so Liz is stuck with her idiot mother acting like the poor man's Ed Crankshaft after John's long-overdue death. Since she's arranged her life so that she'll be stuck with her idiot husband, children that don't respect her and the disdain of her friends for being a self-willed non-entity, it's no wonder she drinks.

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