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Why the Pattersons are popular despite being vermin.....

I think that it's safe to say that I've proven that The Pattersons are unabashedly awful people; their greeds, their hatreds, their fears and their follies have been so thoroughly laid bare that it's redundant to call them horrible people. The baffling thing is that the crouching vermin are beloved by thousands. There are a lot of reasons why this is. The first reason is that there's a phenomenon known as validation. When people see something that they do in real life appear on television or in a movie or comic strip, they feel better about their own lives because they have proof that they're not alone in sharing an experience. This is, of course, why people tell Lynn that she must have a camera in their houses. It seems to me that there are several reasons why they don't go out of their way to say that Lynn doesn't have a camera in their house when the Pattersons do something vicious, self-serving and idiotic. Bear with me as I list them.
  1. Inattention: It's only when you sit down and read a lot of strips in succession that you really start to notice how stupid, selfish, cruel, entitled, gutless and just plain awful the Pattersons are. Since most people don't spend much time thinking about what they read, they don't see that they're cheering on cretins and monsters.
  2. Apathy: The people who bleat 'get a life' tend to refuse to see that Foob isn't simply drawings on a page; the idea that people take this to heart baffles them owing to a lack of respect for the medium and an unwillingness to see that others do take things to heart. The problem I have with that point of view is that we live in a world wherein children die because they imitate things they see on television; that in itself is proof of the power fiction has over impressionable minds.
  3. Revisionism: The Yahoo group that used to be fairly active once had a lot of posts that say that we're not seeing the whole Patterson story; they're willing to admit that we do see a lot of horrible things but, hey, Lynn can't show us everything. For every awful deed that makes for drama, there's a lot of boring virtue we don't get to watch.
  4. Willful blindness: For every one Coffee Talker who's willing to admit that the Pattersons have done questionable things, there are a hundred who don't want to have their heroes' motives questioned. As I've said before, critical thinking is neither welcome or appreciated owing to a belief that only bad people who can't enjoy life criticize things.
  5. Bigotry: There are a lot of people out there who not only know that the Pattersons do horrible things willingly, they don't see them as being in the wrong. The sort of person I'm thinking of honestly does see that Therese is wrong to expect Anthony to live up to the agreement they made and does wish that April would get a slap in the mouth for 'disrespecting' Elly. They also agree that Paul Wright is made of snow and would melt if he lived in the city and that the sort of Magical Minority that Eva Warzone, Luis Refugee and Shan...non are are what real visible minorities are like.

It's sort of irritating to have to remind myself that the Pattersons are beloved of the oblivious, the ignorant and the unreconstructed; that's because it used to attract those in the know.
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