dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Further reflections on Deanna....

My posts about my belief that Deanna is secretly rearranging the Patterson household to suit herself seem, upon further reading, to indicate something that was not my intent: namely, that it's somehow a bad thing. When you stop to consider these people, with their seemingly-infinite sense of entitlement, constitute an active menace to themselves and those around them, someone who can ensure that they only endanger each other is a beneficial member of society. Consider, for instance, John. She pretty much set up the Housening NOW so he can build his model train layout NOW. That benefits everyone because it absorbs the year's worth of free time between his retirement and April's leaving for university, time that could otherwise be spent ham-fistedly meddling in his children's lives. Maneuvering Elly into spending her energies redecorating Pattermanse Junior and getting into a turf war with her husband over what goes into the huge backyard is the ideal day-eater for her, too. She can flap her arms and honk her nose at her husband instead of her children. Alienating April from the others has an upside, too. Not only is it a clever way of distracting people's attention and keeping them out of mischief, it also affords April the opportunity to escape and posibly even do something with her life. Everyone can see the benefits resulting from Mike's leaving Portrait and dropping the Patterspawn off at daycare; he won't stray and they won't catchbeing an arsewipe from him and his family. And one more thing: do we really WANT Liz to reproduce? Keeping her from Anthony would be a great idea because it improves the gene pool.
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