dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Telling-off of the Pattersons, Part Two: Elly.

As you know, I'm imagining a scenario in which one of the Pattersons' victims has her chance to tell them exactly where they can stick their petty, arrogant selfishness. Let's continue on as Mira sets her sights on Elly:

"About the only thing that can be said in your behalf, DOCTOR Patterson, is that you married a woman as stupid, greedy and with as much blind hatred for children as yourself. That way, only two people were made miserable instead of four. That's right, "El"; I went there and I brought back some souvenirs. If you aren't the most inept mother I'm fated to encounter, you'll do until she comes along. Having to listen to you yelping about how awful it is having to listen to what children are saying because they don't think and act like you would would be bad enough if you didn't insist that nothing that happened to them mattered or should be thought of as being important or that children know that they're not supposed to move or think without your approval and defy you because they hate the idea of your being happy. Happy? YOU?? That's a laugh!! You're a spoiled brat who can't be happy with anything because you don't want to give other people the pleasure of being right. Well, that and you don't want to admit that you're not the most put-upon mother in the history of ever. That's because you're the sort of screwed-up ignoramus who won't let people help with the housework while whining that they don't help with the housework; that's not nearly as bad as blaming them for your poor study habits, indifferent cooking and literally criminal negligence. And wipe the smirk off your face; you're a lot more controlling than Deanna makes me out to be, Mrs "Own-a-lotta-horses". When I interfere, it's because I want to help someone live better, not to feather my own nest. You, on the other hand, have just married your family to a car dealership so you can pay for your honeymoons in the sun after John stops being the Least Professional Dentist Ever without too much static from April. Too bad that treating her like crap for not wanting to be treated like furniture or to become Deanna's willing slave isn't the worst way you've warped your children. Treating them like crap because you actually had to pay attention to their concerns and acting like the passive sheep were out-of-control monsters that simply had to be exiled to a farm has made the older two almost as ridiculous and selfish as you and Train Man."
Tags: evil mira, foob is chick lit, milbo althist

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