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The Telling-Off of the Pattersons, Part Five: Elizabeth.

We continue on with Mira's angry reaction to John's stupid remark about needing to be repaid with interest for the horrible crime of having to care about someone who is not himself; having told him, Elly, Mike and Deanna what she thought of them, she now sets her sights on the idiot in the bridal gown:

"What I said just now doesn't imply that I don't feel sorry for you, dear; having dished it out and taken in, I know how tough it is to deal with the horrible sort of blackmail Michael subjected you to. That's not to say that I don't hate being party to weddings based on that sort of thing....which brings us to the young woman at the center of all this madness. You, Liz, pretty much deserve to be in the fix you're in right now; it's not just because you're a needy, passive lush who'd do anything to please two people who just aren't worth powder and shot, it's that your gutless inability to shut your trap is what set Operation "Super Tasteless Cash-In Fake Wedding" in motion. I know that none of you dullards are going to believe this but I would have preferred that all of us to be in the dark about the real wedding; that way I wouldn't have had to push people's buttons to figure out which of you jerks set it in motion. I also wouldn't have had to listen to you childish, spineless whimperers talking about how you don't want to have any sort of conversation that would involve having to apologize. One thing I've noticed is that Mike gets being a insensitive clod who gets all defensive when cornered from John, you get a martyrdom complex, self-loathing and need to evade personal responsibility from Elly and you both get the idea that having to apologize means a permanent loss of face from both of them. It is thus a sort of justice that you've willed her own ruination by marrying a clone of John; it's what you deserve for your selfishness, immaturity, moral cowardice and refusal to admit that people who criticize you aren't extra-bad people. And don't think that I'm enjoying this; it sickens me that you and Mike are too arrogant, immature and dumb to know that the people that didn't submit to his blackmail and your stringing them along dodged a damn bullet."
Tags: evil mira, foob is chick lit, liz: whining martyr, milbo althist

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