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April: Mira's warning to the picky-face....

As we've seen so far, the Mira in my little thought-experiment doesn't much care for the Pattersons and the hateful way that they're celebrating the fact that Liz has been beaten down into believing that it's too hard to think for herself so it's a great and glorious thing that she's become the marker in some sort of business deal. Before she concludes her exercise in entertaining futilty, there's someone with a functioning conscience in the room she can actually reach. Join me as I show her trying to stage an intervention for a Martian princess:

"Of course, the ugliest thing about this wedding is not the eye-searing color scheme that was Liz's sole contribution nor the sort of carny prize floral arrangements that we had to endure or even the fact that the wedding cake is dripping oil; the ugliest thing is that Françoise is being treated like she's radioactive because she's a reminder that the idiots and poltroons gathered together to sanctify this farce conspired to ruin Thérèse's life; it's almost as appalling as the sure knowledge that the "tragedy" she and her mother represent is the "horror" of Liz defining herself as a human being in her own right instead of a machine meant to glorify how great John and Elly are and how they should be rewarded for the performance of needful tasks. I mean, seriously!! Elly can't even be bothered to remember her name because that would mean that she had a right to exist or something; since she's pretty much a living reminder of the cruel, hateful, unfair truth that reality is not up for grabs just because it makes life easier for the Pattersaints, her life is going to be sheer Hell until she gets out of this stain on the map. This, of course, reminds me of another child who's regarded as a burden because she "rebels" against her "destiny" and cannot provide John and Elly services before they die; I'm, of course, talking about April. My advice to you, young lady, is to get the Hell away from these freaks before you become as big a jerk as the rest of them. And don't just do it for yourself; your nephews and nieces are going to need an escape route from this glorified kindergarten where the immature twerp is king and if you can get yourself to a place where you can be an adult, you'd be doing God's work. Don't dawdle either; you're in danger of getting sucked in and being assimilated; they've already got Eva Warzone and Luis Refugee making you half-convinced that venting about a problem is counter-revolutionary. The next step is making the Continental over there into Anthony 2.0; nobody but a Patterson wants that to happen."
Tags: evil mira, foob is chick lit, milbo althist, picky-face martian princess creature

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