dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Of smugness and of moral event horizons.....

In a recent post he made on the Foobiverse Journal, chucique reminded us why it would be futile for anyone to tell the Pattersons off; since she has enough class to not want to make an unnecessary scene and enough brains to realize what futility is, Mira probably would have simply joined the chorus of the unimpressed and let the assembled vermin go right on thinking that the Settlepocalypse wasn't both a tragedy and a travesty. When she got back home, she'd make vague allusions as to how awful the Pattersons are and, well, how self-satisfied they are in their repulsiveness, folly and sin. That, you see, is the galling thing about life with Foobs; what we're dealing with is a grotesque rogue's gallery who are not only slithering filth, they're proud of it and have convinced themselves that they should be envied. You all already know exactly why I think that these people should have been hanged, drawn and quartered two years ago; knowing that they're going to get a nasty shock on the day of the judging of the nations when God tells them all that they're the wrong sort for Paradise is, while satisfying to a point, not enough. Man seeks to see justice done in this life so their being derided behind their backs by people who matter is not torment enough to satisfy the urge towards vigilantism in all of us. 
Tags: foobs vs common decency

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