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Wilf and Mira: a theory…

As I’ve said before, Lynn seems to have, without being overly aware of it, peopled her strip with both fantasy versions of her real family and approximations of the real people. We thus had Rod as both John and Ted, Aaron as Mike and Weed, Katie as Liz and Candace and Lynn herself as Elly, Connie and, to a certain extent, Anne. Having read the notes, it seems to me that she’s done the same damned thing to her parents. Jim and Marian, you see, are a combination of the parents she wished she had and, well, the parents she envies Rod for having. The real Ridgways, I think, are more faithfully represented by Wilf and Mira Sobinski. As with her own father, Wilf is depicted as a fearful pushover who either can’t or won’t stand up to his dragon of a wife. Mira herself is, as we all know, a domineering, pushy, ignorant, bigoted killjoy who doesn’t value what Deanna does and who wants more from the world than she has any right to expect. The notes about Mrs Ridgway paint a picture that looks too much like Deanna’s Eeeeeevil Monster Mommy to be anything like a coincidence; they also paint a picture of Lynn being a destructive, self-absorbed, anti-social pain in the arse who thought she was a special little snowflake who couldn’t be bound by any rules that came in between her and her need to be the center of attention.

Tags: evil mira, lynn versus the real world

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