dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gavin Caine: Mira with a Y Chromosome.

It seems to me that Deanna and Anthony don't just share a pathological need to belong to the Patterson family; I should think that they also misrepresent a parent who they resent for not being what they expect of them. Since the only evidence on hand against Gavin Caine is the word of a habitual liar and dismal sooky baby, my personal opinion is that the man is far less monstrous and tyrannical than we're told. Let's, as an example, take the way he handled explaining Hanneke's departure; were we to have a camera in his house, we'd see a man trying to explain to his son that, hey, there's no reason to shed tears, Tony, this has been coming forever and it's not your fault, it's not my fault and it ain't her fault. The idea that crap happens and not all endings are happy is not something that would appeal to a child, especially someone as clingy and needy as Anthony; his father's trying to get him to not whine piteously about stuff that doesn't really matter is thus an exercise in futility. Speaking of which, we get another parallel with Deanna's life in which his being an entitled little nit comes into play; his huffing and puffing about how Evil Dad wasn't simply going to give him a car just because tells me that we're dealing with a spoiled brat. Finally, we come to the Great Big Issue: Gavin's trying to save his son from something he clearly sees as a harmful influence. This menace is a blank-eyed. empty-headed, ignorant, oblivious, frowning, whining, clinging, petulant, immature and self-absorbed little twit who'll turn into a clone of her shrieking, dowdy, fat-arsed harridan of a mother about two months after their honeymoon. Yes, friends; I went there and I brought back souvenirs: Gavin is an extra-bad person because he detests Lizardbreath and how Anthony's insane, inexplicable need to see the doughy fathead with the dead eyes and the drinking problem as the apex of femininity ensures that a person with untapped potential will be content to be a lackey to a glorified grease monkey.
Tags: big daddy caine, blandthony, foob is chick lit

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