dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The implosion of the Foobs.

One of the key principles of good public relations is to NOT deny unsavory facts but to own up to one's failings. Not only is that an expression of honesty, taking the skeleton out of the closet and placing it at the head of the table ensures there will not be a repeat performance of the incident in question. It seems to me that if the Pattersons had owned up to screwing the pooch about that back gate twelve years ago, they'd have saved themselves a world of aggravation. That, however, goes against the grain because of Elly's deep-seated need not to be embarassed. One of the chief sources of humor is Elly's attempts to preserve her self-image that blow up in her face. Copping to going into hyperspace because maintaining your self image is more important than a toddler's well being would be, in her mind, a social disgrace so horrible she could never recover. John's reaction to this varies only in degree, not in kind. Since they feel that people will blackball them if they admit to fucking up, they pass the buck. All this is on APRIL for not minding Mommy and Daddy. The problem with that is that people aren't stupid. They're gonna keep on asking why they didn't take more active steps to stop her from busting loose until they get some sort of admission of guilt. Since the Pattersons' self-image is more important to them than how their community perceives them, they've come to believe they're an island of civilty in a sea of judgemental backbiters and thereby avoid too much contact with the hostiles around them. Their insularity and groupthink has, of course, blinded them to the fact that it's the other way round, civility-wise. If they'd admitted to screwing up and took real steps to avoid the same mistake, they wouldn't feel themselves surrounded by accusers. Or having one under the roof.
Tags: child rearing disasters, foobs vs common decency, picky-face martian princess creature

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