dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The other side of the Settlepocalypse...

As I've said, it seems to me that the Pattersons know as much about the way Anthony relates to his father as they do about the Mira-Deanna dynamic; since they're very superficial people who aren't overburdened with curiosity and tend to see what they want to see, they're content to only hear the side of the story propounded by someone who tells them what they want to hear. That being said, I should think that Anthony's real catch-phrase is not "I have no hooooooooome". It seems to me that it's actually "You're wrong, Dad!!" No matter what it is that Gavin might say, Anthony feels compelled to contradict him in such a fashion that he sounds like a spoiled child. Thus it is that he can explain away such truths as "It's not anyone's fault that your mother and I broke up", "Nobody is going to hand you things for breathing so you're actually going to have to pay for a car", "My GOD!!! You don't want to marry Liz Patterson!!! In a year, she'll have turned into her horrible mother!!!", "You shouldn't spend your life slaving away for a grease-monkey." and "Well, what did you expect? The woman said she wasn't cut out to be a parent and, hey, treating her like shit because she has PPD is a dick move!!" This tells me that Anthony has more or less set himself on the ruinous course of marriage to a needy, ignorant, shit-stupid lush with an ever-expanding ass and narrower-by-the-second mind in order to give his dad the middle finger for being right too often. Liz is also doing this because of father issues; Anthony is a version of her father who will never lose interest in her no matter how not cute, how not a real little girl, she becomes.
Tags: from the nursery to the grave., settlepocalypse

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