dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Notes on the sibling complex...

Another odd factor that must be reconsidered is the sibling complex that Mike and Liz both have. It was pointed out a long time ago that Deanna and Liz bore an astonishing physical resemblance; while it staggered Mike for a second, he recovered almost as quickly because, well, a 'safe' version of his kid sister seems to have been what he was looking for all along. Just as he always seems to have wanted to live in his parents' house forever, there's something in him that wants to keep sex within the family as well. Since he can't actually do that, the next best thing is to marry someone as submissive, stupid and needy as Liz; the advantage with Deanna is that he not only doesn't get called an ugly brother because Deanna doesn't object to being treated like dirt as long as he's the douche doing it, he also gets to defy parents without antagonizing John and Elly. The same damned thing is happening with Liz; Anthony is not only as repulsive, self-absorbed, and entitled as the passive-aggressive dickchoad that is Mike, he's a safe version of the same asshole. He even provides her the benefit of being able to look down on her betters....just like mommy and daddy do.

That being said, there's something else they all have in common: the need to be irritated by the unwelcome presence of a picky-faced princess from a planet known to be hostile to the needs, hopes and dreams of the master race of vermin Lynn wants us to venerate. It's third from its sun and its inhabitants call it "Earth." Simply put, they all hate April because she's the closest thing to a normal human being that Lynn has ever created.
Tags: foobs vs common decency, from the nursery to the grave.

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