dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Loathing the alien for fun and profit.

Let us mark time on the fact that John is so deeply misogynistic that he's repulsed by the very concept of women having an opinion of their own and tends to surround himself with like-minded individuals such as Mike and Anthony. This explains why he cools to his daughters as soon as they stop being real little girls and start thinking for themselves and why the Settlepocalypse so delights him; simply put, he confuses his daughter's need for visible acceptance in a world where the son shines in her eyes with being told that he is right. It also explains his deep animosity towards April; the thing that drives him nuts is that she seems to have no real need to mate with a surrogate of a family member owing to being exposed to Jim, Dan and Bev for far too long. Since she's only grateful to have him as a father to the extent that a child is supposed to feel (instead of the super-insane level Lucy Van Pelt expects of Linus), he believes her to have an attitude that's totally out of control. The reason that Elly resents April is far easier to explain and just as stupid: she not only serves as a reminder that Flapandhonk's dreams of a career are as specious and absurd as JJ Caucus's claims to be an artist, Elly had to spend most of her time raising her because her children were too old to successfully dragoon into doing her job for her. Combine that with April's not swooning over someone who looks like a family member and an unhealthy tendency to see how horrible the real-world consequences of the petty ambitions her parents have are and you've a recipe for bitter resentment that not having horses they could own before they die cannot otherwise explain. To sum up, April is treated like a burden because her presence causes an unwelcome feeling to stir in the hearts of those around her; this feeling stabs like a knife and the hateful concepts called remorse, shame and compassion towards people who are in their way come out from where they were thought safely locked away forever. You can certainly feel for them; how the Hell are they supposed to be sniveling brats who belong in a nursery if they are forced to grow up?
Tags: from the nursery to the grave., picky-face martian princess creature

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