dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A dissertation on ogling....

Now that the first of the child-free vacations that John and Elly go on has arrived, it's time to remind us of another form John's deep-seated misogyny and lack of respect for others takes: his repellent habit of not only walking around with a revolting leer plastered on his face and a bulge that his trunks simply cannot hide whenever he's in the presence of attractive young women but doing so in front of his family without a hint of remorse. Since he can't really see the repulsed targets of his stranger-danger glaring as having much right to object and since he can never see himself as being in the wrong, he's sort of blindsided by the idea that Elly might want to look good in a swimsuit; the same man who can't believe that women could possibly fantasize about other men is vaguely horrified by the idea that other men would be ogling what he sees as his property. That being said, we never see Elly challenge his right to do so; this, of course, is owing to her being the creation of a woman who thinks that this revolting habit of John's is simply Standard Operating Procedure. The reason I know this is that there's no category for ogling on her website; one must hunt down the strips in which the husband huffily simpers that he isn't a monk and the little wifey buys the bullshit on an individual basis; were it an important enough thing to Lynn to beat Rod over the head with, she'd have made sure to make note of it. Given her shaking her head in confusion at his constant and baffling need for her to smooth off John's rougher edges, it might well be that he is more aware of the problem than she is. The question of why it is that he objects to his daughter wearing the sort of clothing he leers at has a rather obvious answer which I will cover tomorrow.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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