dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Sibling revilery reconsidered.

As I've said before, the Pattersons don't give a fart in a high wind for the emotional well-being of their children. Not only is this owing to their being almost inhumanly self-absorbed, it stems from the irrational belief that nothing that happens to a person before they reach drinking age matters or has any lasting effect. Even someone childless such as myself can see that that just isn't so despite what Lynn might have to say about the validity of my opinion; a lot of what's wrong with Liz stems from the fact that no one would do a damned thing about the looming menace that was and is Michael. No matter how bad things got, she never got any real hint that her parents were concerned about her feelings; what she got was a speech that, translated from Pattersaint to Human Being, boiled down to Elly whining about how their constantly fighting made her look. Liz's feelings of worthlessness were, of course, as nothing to Elly looking as if she were not in control. The need to impress the neighbors not only mandates that their children dress in a rather bland fashion and avoid doing things that scare Elly for no real reason such as admire motorcycles, it also means that they have to play nice to show off how great a parent Flapandhonk is; as I've said, what they feel inside is of no real importance. Besides, they're sort of gullible so can be convinced that they're confused about what they're angry about. My guess is that Liz honestly believes that she spent all those years feeling as if the Son were always in her eyes because she wants to be able to pee standing up; that's because that's what her parents tell her she's upset about. It's not about how they're too lazy to defend her from the results of their own ineptitude, it's about a baffling non-issue. As for Mike himself, he's not pissed at Lizzie because he thinks that he's been replaced; he's upset because Elly feels inadequate or whatever other lie they tell to avoid having to realize that what happens to their children when they're young is actually important.
Tags: child rearing disasters, from the nursery to the grave.

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