dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Three foobs jumping the shark....Liz.

It isn't just John and Elly living in denial about the Farley incident, of course. Liz was also present at the riverside twelve years ago but has a different motivation for not dealing with what happened. When you consider that Elly expected Liz to hover Little Sister because that's what teenaged girls were for, she's trying to mentally justify her 'dereliction of duty'. She'd meant to pay attention, she really did but this sort of thing just happens. Or at least that's what she tells her folks and anyone else who asks. She doesn't wanna admit to fucking up more than they do. There's also a hidden motive to hide her feelings she doesn't wanna be within ten light-years of; her wish that she didn't have a little sister to worry about. It almost came true that day and a part of her felt, well, disappointed. It's not a good thing to wish someone who inconveniences you bodily harm but it's also not healthy to deny your negative impulses. Another thing she's trying to prevent herself from seeing is her rage at Mom for making her mind Baby in the first place. She just can't bring herself to tell Elly she shouldn't've expected all this of her because tha would mean talking back and she's too 'nice' to do that. Her little game of 'Let's pretend I don't have evil thoughts' has wapred her personality into the evasive liar we see now. She's spent so much time talking bullshit, she actually believes it.
Tags: child rearing disasters, foobs vs common decency, liz: whining martyr, picky-face martian princess creature

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