dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Courtship of Fooby's Father.....

As you may or may not know, John has an interesting way of telling people that certain ideas are not in his comfort zone; the purest example appeared when Elly floated the idea of having their third child at home. His response to that 'novel' and 'dangerous' idea was to tell her that he didn't want her to think, he wanted her to be sensible. By that, of course, he meant to say that he didn't want her to do anything that would cause him to lose face in the eyes of some imaginary authority figure who demands him to be as bland and conventional as he can be. It should also be noted that Elly is his kind; this is, as I've said, what propels her dislike of the sibling rivalry she would otherwise ignore and her fear of motorcycles. What this tells us is that my running my mouth about her having a false alarm or needing a husband to cower behind because her academic career was in the toilet is, well, bullshit. What we had was two people in lust who were so in love with conventional thinking that the only sensible way that they could have sex was on their abbreviated honeymoon. This need to conform to the norm is also why she settled for an MRS and made plans to get her BA at some later date that may never come; both of them 'agreed' it was the 'sensible' thing to do. The curious thing is that both of them think that their drifting towards one another out of mindless inertia is not only normal but desirable.
Tags: foob is chick lit, jelly vs jstf

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