dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The war of the palettes.

The truly amusing thing about Elly is not just that her need to assault her family's eyeballs with gaudy color schemes reveals her to be deluded white trash who confuses wretched excess with taste; what's really funny is that she dares to condemn other people for their excess. I'm not just talking about her need to smile a greasy, indulgent smile about Mira's unhelpful and ridiculous suggestion that the color scheme for the Settlepocalypse be changed from teal and lavender to rose and powder-blue. I'm also discussing her need to criticize John and the kids for dressing in a manner that would somehow bring disgrace on the family or whining about how they never appreciated her attempts to make the house a showplace. The early years of the strip had as a running gag John making what were supposed to be asinine comments about how Elly's attempts to beautify the home only ended up making it a more oppressive place to wile away their worthless lives; where it falls down, of course, is that the straw trainman had a valid point. This tells us that John's reluctance to want to redecorate is not just the result of inertia, whining about the expense and a refusal to see what's important to his long-suffering wife; we also have to contend with his not wanting to spend the rest of his life having to endure whispering about hiring Daphne from Scooby-Doo as his decorator. Granted, we are talking about his defending his own right to dress as if Lileks's Dorcus clothing company existed in the real world but, well, he's less inclined to impose his bad taste on those around him. The closest he comes is his yapping about dressing sensibly.
Tags: foobs aiming low., jelly vs jstf

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