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On the priority of clutter...

As I mentioned earlier, Elly has adopted Marian's habit of cluttering her living space with bric-a-brac she doesn't need, old containers and wrapping paper she'll never use and, worst of all, has a freezer filled with leftovers that will never be eaten. The punchline of the jokes that remind us of this sad fact always picture John regretting that he cannot unclutter his living space. The interesting thing about that is that what's a harmless and misunderstood eccentricity for Elly is a hateful form of oppression when Steve loads up his garage with old junk; the reason for that, of course, is that he's in the way of a busy woman with no help and no time for himself. Or, to put it in English, there's nothing in his pile of refuse that Elly would find especially interesting. What we see time and again is that Elly simply cannot part with things that mean something to her but has no problem at all with tossing things she doesn't find interesting. This, along with her interesting habit of taking over the housework because her family can't be trusted to do it properly, is why the Early Years saw her not so much cleaning her house as she was rearranging the dirt. The problem with her having appointed herself the person who decides what gets thrown out is that it brings her no real peace; since she's oppressed by her possessions, it's sort of a high price to pay for the illusion of control it affords her.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, pattersons vs the world

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