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Meredith and Robin's School Days.

While we're waiting for John and Elly to die so that their inheritors can turn their interior desecrations into holy relics, let's take a look at the children that will have to grow up in a mausoleum. Basic arithmetic tells us that as I type this, Meredith and Robin are attending the same elementary school their parents did; common sense and the ability to remember which patterns in their family lives persist tell us what we can expect to be happening. We must first contend with the fact that the two of them probably spend more time complaining about their homework than they spend actually doing it. The problem area that comes most readily to mind is the bane of their father's existence: math. My personal opinion is that the general reaction is going to be unhelpful commentary from Mike, whining from Deanna and blovation from their idiot grandparents about how some people are simply more suited to schooling than others. Second, we have to realize that Robin is probably going to spend a lot of time in trouble because he can be talked into doing stupid things and that Meredith is probably going to end up trading on her looks rather than using her brain like that weird stousin of hers. Finally, and this is the clincher, we have to realize that at some point or another, they'll more or less fixate on someone of the opposite sex who's lighter-haired than they are. That's the real point of school, you see; it's not about learning skills that will help later on or disciplining one's mind. It's about finding one's Whiter Shade of Pale Twoo Wuv so that the Pattersons can breed an Aryan superman.
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