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The real mystery man: Perry Nolastnamegiven...

One character who I wished had actually appeared in the strip is the man Deanna tossed aside as the result of Mike's campaign of passive-aggressive terror that led her to end up being the willing slave to the frenzied impulses of the Patterswine. What little we do know about him seems to tell us that the reason she ended up tossing Perry aside is that he had a huge black mark against him: he was approved of by Wilf and Mira as this passage from the "Please, please, please hate Mira" letter:

I was engaged at the time to a boy who worked for my father. Mom thought we made a great pair and encouraged our every meeting. He came from the right family, had a degree in business and he looked good. Mother said he would make beautiful grandchildren. The fact that he was the first boy she approved of and the only real boyfriend I'd ever had, made a successful marriage unlikely.

indicates. You will, of course, notice the interesting similarity he shares with Anthony; my guess is that's about the only way in which they are alike. My guess is that he's Not The Right Sort because, as josephusrex surmises, that he's a sensible, cheerful, even-tempered, hardworking young man who knows how to make time for his wife and children; since he's the Second Coming of Wilf Sobinski, he's toast. She doesn't want help pretending to parent Meredith and Robin, she wants a Mike to be an unapproachable great provider who can dominate her and make her feel helpless and confused like a DADDY!!!!! should. Meanwhile, back in Burlington, her parents wonder where they went wrong while looking at how orderly Perry's life is and despairing.
Tags: deanna: mastermind

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