dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Of floral arrangements and convenient hearing....

As you might have heard by now, Lynn hedged her bets back when she had Mira go into hysterics because she'd discovered that Lawrence is gay. That's because the backlash from his being outed scared the crap out of her and, since she didn't want to have to deal with its like again, gave papers the alternative of running a series of strips in which Mira got in Lawrence's face because the floral arrangements she'd paid for were not to her liking. The upshot is that the subscribers to those papers got to look at Deanna simper and moan not because Mira was a bigot but because, well, her tastes were mired in the sixties. Since Mira's being a homophobe came straight out of the blue, contradicted the semi-positive spin she'd been given in Lives Behind The Lines and never appeared again, what makes the most sense is for the banal, pointless argument that occurred in the alternate strips to be what really happened. What this meant is that Mira started getting into a scrap with everyone's favorite two-for-one token about a non-issue that Deanna misinterpreted as being a slam against him for being gay; now that it's been almost ten years since she'd been suckered into all of this, Mira is still trying to figure out what happened. Were I a fly on her wall, I might well hear her ask Wilfred "Hey, hon! Remember back when I got into a bit of a tiff with Mike and Dee's best man because he tried to palm off a bunch a wilted flowers on us? Is it just me or did Deanna think I was channeling Anita Bryant?"
Tags: evil mira, fifties icon deanna, lawrence: cosmic plaything, milbo althist

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