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The Wedding Machine...

The wedding storyline this week reminds me of the big-ass sham wedding Deanna and the Pattersaints forced us all to endure six years ago. It was established that Deanna wanted to get married but hated the idea of the overblown affair of her mother's dreams. As bwross and others have posted, most of the traditions Mira reveres aren't really that old and only stem a few centuries back. The need to have a big, noisy display, however, goes back a damn sight longer than wanting to ape Queen Victoria. For most of mankind's history, people didn't really travel too far from their place of birth if they could avoid it. That, of course, meant a man's home village was pretty much the whole wide world as far as he was concerned. It made a sort of sense to throw a big bash to welcome the creation of a new family unit to not only welcome a man and woman to true adulthood but to confirm the status of both sets of inlaws. Not only that, it was a reminder that the community had a future. This celebration of cosy continuity makes a little less sense in our more mobile world, though. Nobody really expects to stay in the same place they were born all their lives so the need to show off to people you don't believe you're gonna see again seems kinda silly to the Deannas of the world. All they need is a minister, licence, husbansd and two witnesses to make them happy. They tend to forget that customs take a long time dying, though. We'll be dealing with fossilized traces of the old wedding traditions for centuries to come. We'll also be dealing with people who think said customs are necessary to have a happy life, too. Many people do things that they think are helpful or useful without really considering WHY they do them. I'm sure that if Mira sat down and tried to reason through why this, that or the other thing was 'supposed' to happen, she'd probably grudgingly concede how silly the tradition sounds.
Tags: deanna: mastermind, evil mira

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