dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The year that shouldn't have been reprinted....

The interesting thing about the twenty-nine year long run of the strip is that it's about a year too long for Lynn's purposes. This is immediately noticeable whenever I summarize a classic strip; what usually happens is that something that appeared on, say, 17 March 1982 gets reprinted on 16 March 2011. This seems like a minor quibble until you realize that this extra year is pretty much why we had to look at a bunch of new-ruins that echo the last great arc of that era: as before, we have John getting gobsmacked because Mike can't do a adult-sized chore that well. What we should be looking at instead is Elly getting her knickers in a twist because of her fears that John will have too good a time at the convention he's attending and moaning because she can't get it through her thick skull that the Valley Voice can't afford to pay her. This would not only make it easier to line up holidays better, we could have also avoided the worst excesses of the new-ruin era; not only would Farley have appeared in time for the book without having him appear before he's supposed to, we could have avoided Deanna's yoyoing to Burlington, the amazing disappearing Richard Nichols and, best of all, removed the long-distance romance of Connie and Phil from play.
Tags: lynn: failed creator, the reload

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