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Take the Foob train.....

As we all know, the Pattersons almost never take their children on an extended trip anywhere without the end destination being a relative's house. The reason, of course, is that so John and Elly might have a free babysitter while they go and do whatever without worrying what the offsprings and the small ones might be gettting up to; coincidentally, this is why about the only time that an in-law or family friend didn't sit for a Patterchild while John and Elly were soaking up the child-free sun was when some person of their acquaintance was engaged as a house sitter. That being said, the first two examples of this involve the Foobs heading to BC so that Jim and Marian may tell her that they're sort of disappointed that she has no real intention of getting a degree. Beforehand, John stayed home but the plotline that will dominate the coming summer is one in which they all go out west. Things don't go nearly as smoothly as they hoped because not only does the sales agent for VIA Rail outsmart Elly by arranging things so that she and John are forced to bunk with their children like they're supposed to, the children insist on pretending that they're not tiny adults. Also, we have to deal with the fact that April is the only child that Jim can tolerate for more than five seconds; Mike is too sullen, dense and fidgety and Lizzie has no personality so he just can't get into dealing with Elly's kids. Also, Marian, as I've said, has no patience for most of Elly's lies and question-begging. About the only truly interesting thing about the whole trip is that it's the first inkling that John is obsessed with trains; other than that, it's just another boring story about the Pattersons and their inability to think of travelling with children as anything other than a burden.
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