dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The reason for Exile Farm

The interesting thing about the failed trip to Ted's cabin is that John and Elly not only went there to rewind but to teach Mike and Lizzie some stupid moral lesson that they believed their children needed to learn. As we've seen and will see, John (and to a lesser extent, Elly) looks at his bland, boring, not-as-entitled-as-he-thinks-they-are children and sees a nest of entitled vipers that need to be brought down to earth and fast. It's with this intent in mind that he keeps sending them off to his sister's farm to have their attitudes adjusted. The end result is that he ends up with children who don't share their lives with him because they don't want to be packed off to hang out with his kid brother in freaking Australia. About the only amusing part of this whole mess is that we end up watching their cousin Laura, who sort of thinks of the primitive life her neo-yokel, Whole-Earth-Catalog-reading dad inflicted on her to keep her honest is normal, thinks that the Patterson children are stupid because they don't know how to live like another Canadian culture hero: stock-broker-turned-1905-dairy-farmer Walt Wingfield. Seeing the end result of the sort of lifestyle Deanna intends on wishing on Merrie and Robin deride the moron who'll let it happen to his own children is something that sets me to chuckling in sadistic glee.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, exile farm

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