dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How long IS a good-bye, anyway?

The interesting thing about the year 1982 is that we get to see not one but two examples of Michael getting upset because an adult leaves for a place they can't go. The first, of course, was when Will and Carrie left for Winnipeg and the second, as we will see this Summer, is when the family is about to return home from their trip to Vancouver to see Jim and Marian. In both instances, Mike acts as if he'll probably never see these people again. The reason, of course, is that John and Elly did something that they don't want their own children to do; they moved very far away from their hometowns and left behind people who don't really have the sort of money to storm on down to Toronto whenever they have a mind to. A nomad like Phil used to be or like Warren is can swoop down from the heavens at will but settled people tend to stay where they are. Since the children have a severe and undiagnosed case of separation anxiety, this fact of life is cause for grieving.
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