dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The myth of ten pounds and its impact on Elly's butt.

The notes attached to a recent strip remind us of a belief that has long haunted Lynn; in them, she allowed as how she's always been ten pounds over some perceived ideal weight. It doesn't matter that she's a tiny woman who looks exactly like the "after" picture in a commercial for a weight-loss plan, she sees herself as being fat-fat-fat-fat-fat. The problem is not just, however, that she's got a screwed-up self image or that she's trolling for sympathy from Kool-Aid Nation; the problem is that Kool-Aid Nation thinks that Elly is a self-portrait despite her constantly telling them otherwise. Were they to realize that she's more like Connie than Elly, they'd tend to ask the same disturbing questions and get the same not very reassuring answers as we do; it's sort of appalling to have to remember that the woman has such a distorted self-image.
Tags: coffee talkers, lynn the blogger

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