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Jim and Marian as parents.....

Another reason Georgia becomes important is that she and Phil lived together for about three or four years before they got married. This, to put it mildly, didn't much please Elly; she'd pointed out that if she and John tried doing that, she'd have been disowned before launching into a tirade about how Jim and Marian were always more lenient when it came to dealing with him than with her. Or, to put it in terms that make sense given what we know of the characters, they expected more of her than they did Phil. Marian's constant use of the phrase "spoiled child" as a more or less curse word aimed at Elly tells me that she expected a lot more of her oldest than she got; her less exacting treatment of Phil tells me that what he is is the sort of child whose misadventures are greeted with a weary shrug, a crooked smile, a sigh and the declaration "Oh, Phil!" Since Elly's a bit of a clod, she'll never quite realize that her parents let him get away with things because they were relieved that he wasn't doing worse things. Take, for instance, his pack-a-day smoking habit; it bugged the crap out of her but her parents probably consoled themselves that at least he wasn't shooting up or something.
Tags: child rearing disasters, chinnuts, grate grandmother marian, phil: bee and bop king

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