dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Having fun feeling angry: Elly's philosophy.

Bear with me today as I beat yet another dead horse because I'd like to talk about Elly, the raw nerve in stretch pants. Like I restate, rephrase and reiterate, you never really see her smile or laugh much, do you? There are only three, count'em, three facial expressions that come to mind when I think of her: a befuddled frown, a peeved grimace and the patented Elly meltdown. As nearly as I can determine, the cause of this wall to wall negativity is that Elly only seems to know what she doesn't like. I've read this thing for damn near thirty years and I've yet to see Elly state a positive preference for anything. The only way we know what Elly thinks about something is to work backwards from her disapproval in the hopes that she likes the opposite of what's getting her upset. Case in point: The cute but somewhat impractical summer dress April planned to wear on her first day of high-school. As we all know, Elly was having a connipition fit about her daughter's choice in wardrobe. The only hypothesis that makes sense is that Elly thinks clothes should leave more to the imagination. Another good reason she bellows so much is to prove to herself that people are listening to her and taking her as seriously as she takes, well, everything. That's the real reason she was bellowing at John when he said 'Just take MY car' last winter: he was, as far as she could see, acting if she and her feelings didn't matter. Like a lot of long-time Foob watchers, my take on things is that she thinks if she walks around acting upset all the time, people will feel sorry for her and do what she wants to do or, in her case, not do what she doesn't.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self

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