dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Thoughts on Elly's thoughtlessness...

As we're about to see, Elly never does quite learn to keep her mouth shut; what she does do is spend her nights agonizing over the fact that she never quite seems to learn her lesson and not say the first hateful thing that pops into her mouth only to seem to forget the lesson a few days later. Even the realization that she comes across as a dreary old nag who's incapable of enjoying herself tends to not spur her to keep her from running her damned mouth when it would have been better to keep her peace. Why is it that Elly cannot be asked to hold her tongue despite her intellectually knowing that her need to lecture the people around her made her life less pleasant than it otherwise could have been? The answer comes to us from her need to be taken seriously as she takes herself; given her overweening desire to be the bride at every funeral and the corpse at every wedding, she can't not talk big and mind other people's business. 
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self

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