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Stupid misapprehension theater starring Elly Patterson.

In an effort to put a full stop on why Elly really doesn’t do much in the way of cheering her children on, let’s examine how she thinks her parents are treating her. I’ve already reminded you of something I’ve said before about how Jim and Marian should have forced him to live his life properly and how it baffles and enrages her that they support his being a nomad playing bees and bops so I hope you’ll indulge me when I remind you of another way in which she thinks her parents are being cruel and unfair. It all has to do with how disappointed they are in her doing what she’ll die thinking they expected of her. The most annoying example of this self-destructive mental defect is her belief that they expected her to go to University to marry well and pick up her degree at a later date but it’s not the only one; it’s just the tip of the lack-of-fortitude iceberg. You see, Elly has it in her head that if a thing takes time and effort and, above all, discipline to do, it’s just not worth doing; what she wants is to be instantly good at things and to be consoled when she gives up on herself like the dimwitted defeatist she is and not have to listen to a parent say “You didn’t even try!!” Since she at the same time thinks that she’s suffering like no one ever has and ever all AND that her life is an ideal to be emulated, she has in her head the inane delusion that since no one ever encouraged her and she turned out great, she doesn’t have to be a cheering section for her kids.

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