dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John versus music: a wild (m)ass guess....

As we know, Elly seems to be against a career in music owing to her not liking how her parents rewarded Phil for not living his life the way she thinks it should be lived; also, she tends to think that the only good music is the kind that she can sing along to with a minimum of effort on her part. This means you'd expect her to be the point man in telling April that a career in music is a bad idea; you'd be wrong because, as we know, John can't wait to blather ignorantly about how miserable Becky will supposedly be chasing after the illusion of stardom. Before you ask how that idiot would know anything about it, let's remind ourselves that we don't know a Hell of a lot about John's past; since he's Elly's sidekick, his history is not as important as hers. All we do know is that he's a nerdy farm boy who, while thinking that farm work is just the thing for his wife and kiddies, couldn't wait to get to the big city and make his pile. About all we do know is that some girl he was interested in broke up with him when he was fifteen or so; my guess is that Patsy was enthralled by some young fellow who was in a band. This means that John has spent the last forty-five or so years burning with resentment because some clod who thought he was going to be the next Pat Boone beat his time.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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