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The Easter Problem Redux...

Now that we've established that Lynn is, after all, going to the trouble of having the Easter strips appearing on Easter, let's see how that affects the plotline on a year-by-year basis:

  • 1982: The last strip of the "Spring Flu" arc has Mike, who's been made aware that Phil is about to make the scene, overplay his hand when Elly tells him he looks healthy enough to go back to school; the Monday afterward has him talk about how Easter is a few days away. The disturbance to the flow is, in my judgment, minimal; that's because the story line flows much the same way no matter when Holy Week is.
  • 1983: A sequence in which Elly gets bent out of shape because Lizzie resists being dolled up for an Easter parade trades places with a week wherein Ted's fear of commitment makes John glad that he's got his shit together. Effect: minimal.
  • 1986: An Easter bakesale arc swaps places with a week about Annie complaining about her third pregnancy. Effect: minimal.
  • 1987: The greatest level of distortion occurs this year; that's because the lead-up to Phil and Georgia's wedding is interrupted so that Elly might give Lizzie an info-dump about the origins of Easter.

As for the Sunday strips, the only real change is that we end up having them redistributed in the first half of Spring. That means that if the strip goes on long enough, we'll have to spend a different Sunday watching Mike make a dick of himself by telling Meredith that Deanna produced chocolate breast milk just for Easter.
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