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The real meaning of Easter in Foobland.

I do remember covering what Easter means to the Pattersons before but the Lynnsights offer a new perspective on what it really means to the family. Let's break it down on a theme-by-theme basis, shall we?

  • Muddled Theology: As I mentioned the last time I talked about it, Lynn seems to find the sort of slackness that allowed Meredith to wonder when Jesus was going to meet the Easter Bunny amusing; this is the sort of mushy thinking that allowed Elly to bloviate about sad miracles.
  • Martyrdom: A lot of the material is about how Elly's having to do things with her family is a horrible imposition; the 1983 sequence is especially rank because Elly seems to have been about five seconds away from hauling off and belting the woman who told her to kindly dial the "Poor Me" act down a notch.
  • Misinformation: The screwed-up cosmogony the Patterson family have seems to stem from Elly's exaggerated fear of being regarded as a simpleton; this is why we don't see her trying to explain what the deal is with the Easter Bunny and it's why the kids had to learn about puberty from a book instead of a parent.
  • Gluttony: Finally, we have to contend with the fact that the Pattersons' emphasis on the secular component of the season weighs more on their mind than the religious; this, of course, means Pattersnarfing and messy little faces.

What we thus have is a portrait of an annoying group of troglodytes who've turned the highest Holy Day of the Christian religious calendar into an excuse to whine, eat and be stupid. What makes it all the more annoying is that Lynn's fanbase doesn't see how repellent they are.
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