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There's one in every crowd.......

One of the reasons that I'm sort of glad that the curtain has fallen on the Patterson family is that I don't have to watch Elizabeth fall in lockstep behind Elly and Deanna and get all snippy and defensive when someone suggests that there's a more effective way to parent than the one they use. As I mentioned yesterday, Elly was quite incensed that the parade organizer put Lizzie's emotional needs ahead of her own desire to make a show of herself and we all remember how much Deanna hated it that Mira came along and "sabotaged" her by trying to get to her to treat Meredith and Robin like people instead of baffling strangers. My guess is that had things continued on, Liz would be frowning a Gorey-eyed frown because someone called her on playing favorites. This, of course, is because an interesting thing happens when an outsider that a Patterfailure doesn't think of as an authority reminds her of her own tendency towards self-loathing; instead of being consumed with needless guilt, the Patterclod gets bitter and defensive and likely to want to hurl heavy objects or scream that she quits motherhood.
Tags: child rearing disasters

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