dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Watch your slanguage.......

As we all know, Elly is obsessed with the manner in which her children express herself; she doesn't like the way Mike parrots the way Phil speaks any more than she likes his tendency towards what she believes to be substandard English. The reason for this, of course, is that much like she lives in fear that she'll be judged harshly by the important people of the world because John dresses like he fell out of the Sears catalog for 1973, she's sick with the fear that people will blame her personally for Mike's not speaking what, as I said, she believes good English to be. This would be bad enough if she did not herself speak barbarous English and make horrific mistakes in grammar, spelling, usage, punctuation and did not use fraudulently folksy terms such as spuds, duds, grub and biff as verbal crutches. My guess is that Mr Gluttson is secretly relieved that Mike did quit like a coward; the new guy can probably understand that while "David and I went to the restaurant" is correct, "Ronald gave Joan and I tickets to the hockey game" is not. He learned from Elly not to bother mentally removing the "X and" from "X and I" to see if it made sense that way so tends to not realize that she's an idiot.

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