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More on the Coming After....

The problem I have with Lynn's claim to not have any strong opinion about how people should live is that she opens her mouth and makes a liar of herself; this trend came into play on her recent podcast about Elizabeth's assault. In it, we were reminded that she believes a lot of horrible things:

  • First off, she believes that sexual harassment is not only inevitable when a girl heads into man's world, it's not actually that big a problem. When she giggled like a schoolgirl, she lost a lot of sympathy from yours truly.
  • Another awful thing she believes is that the lower orders of society can't help but behave crudely unless, like Gordo, they've been touched by Pattersaints; she thus witlessly slandered thousands of decent, honest, hard-working people because she doesn't like the way they live.
  • Next, we have to contend with her annoying need to keep characters together in one place; the reason that Liz moved back home, you see, was that Lynn doesn't have it in her to depict the real world wherein people grow up and live their own lives. Liz's marriage to Anthony is best understood as being an indication that she's always going to be Elly's little girl.
  • Finally, she continues to avoid wanting to understand what it is that makes Anthony so undesirable; her refusal to see the how his saying that he only found something worth fighting for in his life when he saw Liz in unnecessary danger when he had a wife and kid doesn't make him that sympathetic tells us that she can't see past her need to ram two people with nothing much in common besides being passive-aggressive cretins together.

Watching this sort of thing makes me think that she's a lot like the father on American Dad; he once told his wife that there's something she needed to know about him: he doesn't learn things.
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