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Bargoon Basement Lynnglish.....

As we all know, Lynn's written and spoken English tends to the barbarous; this makes the linguistic snobbery that she exhibits all the more ridiculous. It's one thing to have a Buckley tell us how to speak and write but to have someone whose language is as sloppy as Lynn's hector us about usage is simply absurd. Let's remind ourselves of her errors.

  • Dubious Spelling: As I said the last time I covered this topic, Lynn has a fixed idea of how certain words should be spelled and angrily resists being corrected.
  • Incorrect Syntax: To paraphrase Lucy Maud Montgomery, powers and principalities would be unable to convince Lynn that "Sparky talked to Cathy, Jan and I" is incorrect.
  • Errors in punctuation: As has been noted, Lynn scatters commas onto the page like buckshot owing to a misapprehension as to their correct use.
  • Factitious folksiness: For some unguessable reason, she feels compelled to interlard her language with cloyingly colloquial terms like "duds", "spud" and "grub"; in my opinion, this is the result of a jarring collision between her need to speak to her audience on what she thinks their level is and her inner need to be thought of as humble.
  • Overreliance on obsolete slang: We come to the meat of my argument; that's because we have to contend with Lynn's tendency to pass off obsolete expressions like "garburetor", "biff" and "bargoon" as being more current in this country than they are. Perhaps this is the case in her fantasy capsule but outside it, not so much.

The end result of having to swallow her literary Cheapie Weenie Casserole is to not only suffer indigestion of the cerebellum but to wonder how someone as clumsy with the language as Lynn is dares preach about proper English.
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