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Connie Poirier and Anne Nichols as social isolates.

When I was reviewing the story arc in which Lizzie went to the hospital because John was concerned with her temperature, I couldn't help but notice that the conclusion had Annie whine that Elly had left her behind to join the labor force. This intrigued me because it reminded me of something that happened down the road; y'see, when Connie moved back to Milborough, Anne was out of sorts because she'd been demoted from Elly's best friend to an acquaintance. Anne made sure that Elly knew that she never had many friends growing up and the loss of the one she'd actually made troubled her. The cynic in me wants to say that nobody wants to hang around a stupid blowhard who gets all defensive when people suggest that she should wake up and admit that her husband is spreading it around; the generous part of me, however, notices that she has a lot in common with Liz in that she's somewhat passive and clingy and tends to expect people to live her life for her. Just as Liz drifted through the corridors of R. P. Boire High wondering why everyone else was having a better time and convinced that everyone hated her because she was too bloody passive to make the effort to put herself out there, Anne seems to drift through her existence with her head in the clouds waiting for a white knight on a charger to save her. This, you see, explains her hatred of Connie far more than her belief in traditions that she herself finds unbelievable; much as Liz will always hate Therese for making her feel like a non-entity who isn't doing anything with her life, Anne hates Connie because she does things and gets results. It also blinds her to three unpleasant facts that everyone else in the neighborhood knows:
  1. Elly is the only person stupid enough to befriend a needy, clingy arrogant bitch who has no problem throwing her son under the bus to get and keep a maaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.
  2. Elly is also the only person stupid enough to allow a fat moron who misspent her life dreaming of Prince Charming and ends up making herself and her husband miserable to make her feel bad about herself.
  3. Given that Elly is a vain, entitled jerkass who lives to be paid tribute for maintaining a pulse, befriending her is a stupid idea.
Tags: anne achronism, connie versus using her brain, connie: the real lynn

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