dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Rabbits laying eggs and other acts of hypocrisy.

We're about to be reminded of another reason that Elly shies away from telling her children truths that make her uncomfortable; as I've said far too often, she has a poor grasp on what the results of her actions will be. The same impulse that leads her to blindly fear motorcycles makes her want to keep her children in the dark about something as long as possible because her panicky, fearful and ignorant nature causes her to believe that the result of premature candor would not be a plausible worst-case scenario but something that would make the sort of cosmic horror story Lovecraft created look like an episode of Teletubbies. A later example, of course, was how she feared directly telling April the facts of life for fear that she'd immediately go out and become a hands-on roadside gig instead of having common sense. This would be bad enough in and of itself were the John who makes light of her belief in insane catastrophes not himself haunted by lunatic delusions; we are, of course, talking about the same imbecile who feared discussing the Housening with April lest she either start puking up green foam like Linda Blair in the Exorcist or (worse still) get him to sell the plots of land where his eyesore vandal-magnet model train layout which means far more to him than some picky-faced Martian are supposed to go. Better to call her a princess rather than face improbable doomsday scenarios.
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