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John and Elly, the Saboteur Twins.

You might have noticed that one of the strips I linked to when I discussed how Elly blindsided Georgia had John run his damned mouth about how Phil probably still had a thing for Connie. That sort of malicious gossip would be bad enough were it not combined with Elly's gutless, baffling refusal to tell her future sister-in-law something important like the fact that Phil used to date her best friend. What we're left with is the distinct impression that the Pattersons halfway want to destroy the relationship Phil and Georgia were trying to build for their own repulsive purposes. I can get why Elly would want that to happen; if Phil and Georgia were to break up, she could have a lot of fun blathering non-stop about his being an immature nomad who was never going to grow up and who never listened to or appreciated the shit-stupid, malicious harridan he calls an older sister. John's need to destroy romances is even more repulsive; he secretly envies Phil and wants to ensure that he's unhappy so he can feel better about having shackled himself to an imbecile in the name of propriety. We can safely refer to that as being a symptom of the megalomania that despises anyone having a better time than he has; said need to jam it to people he considers to be getting a free ride when he had to grow up with a wage-slave for a father is also why he harps on how his children are spoiled when they're not.

In any event, John and Elly's need to avenge themselves for not having perfect lives is also why they worked their malice on Mike and Liz's love lives; the reason they can call the Settlepocalypse and Fake Wedding happy endings is that their agenda got served at the expense of the last lingering shred of their adult children's decency.
Tags: pattersons vs the world

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