dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Housening Syndrome.

The most recent of Lynn's notes tell us a fact that she, as is her pattern, failed to divulge in the strip proper; it would seem that when Phil was taking his own sweet time looking for his own apartment, he was staying in Lizzie's bedroom. This, I think, is one of the first examples of an alarming tendency the Pattersons have: displacing their children so some adult can freeload off them for months on end. What we look when we see this is the expression of her belief that children must give way for any random stranger that their parents invite into their lives because adults matter more. The reasoning seems to be that the child needs to know that what she thinks is her private space is actually her parents' property to do with as they see fit. The interesting thing about that is that I've seen another fictional character use the same logic to mess with someone: Dora Winifred "DW" Read from Marc Brown's "Arthur" series of children's books. Arthur's pain-in-the-ass four year old kid sister loves explaining to him that she can go into his bedroom and rifle through his stuff because it's not 'really' his room; she's also like John and Elly in that her space is private. Yes. I went there. John and Elly's understanding of the world is that of a bratty little child; that's because they're just now four and a very big bit.
Tags: from the nursery to the grave.

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