dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Unacknowledged Envy Syndrome.

As we've seen over the years, Elly talks non-stop but she doesn't actually communicate with people. The reason is that the part of her brain that can anticipate how other people might react to a situation never developed because she never really matured. As has been said, her idea of empathy is the counter-productive assumption that other people think the way she would. We also know that she's loaded with self-pity and the delusion that she's being singled out for persecution; this is, of course, due to her tragicomic refusal to enjoy life because she dare not smile or laugh lest she be thought of as a child. This feeling that she's being martyred would be laughable were the results not horrific; that's because she leads a fairly desirable life. When we combine these things, an interesting result occurs; that's because we find that Elly has no idea that other people envy her her existence. How many times have we seen Connie or Annie tell Elly to her face that she's got a pretty good life only to have the declaration discounted? Their attempt to do so is in vain because Elly doesn't want to see the good side of life any more than she wants to know that other people see the world in a way she does not. You can feel a bit sorry for her, though; that's because she's still very much a small child and thinks that if she's not serious all the time, no one will take her seriously.
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