dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lynn's distorted view of the social scene.

It seems to me that, having read what Lynn is willing to share of her background, her parents Merv and Ursula Ridgway were very conservative people who raised her to share their conservative values; I'll cover how their distaste of Ursula's sister Unity's less conventional lifestyle is why Lynn dislikes the sort of bohemian she thinks Phil and Becky are soon enough but, for now, I'd like to share how their seeming belief that a respectable girl can only leave her parental home with a wedding band on her finger gave Lynn a distorted view of what the social scene is all about. As we've seen, we get stilted-looking nonsense like this or this. What you don't get until far later in the strip is the sort of evening out that most married couples have; there's a damned good reason for that. That damned good reason is that Lynn went from living at home with a curfew to married life without ever having any time to herself; since she didn't feel as if she had the option to be single, she never really went to a party and when she did have the opportunity to socialize later on, she wound up feeling like a fifth wheel who had nothing in common with the other wives.
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