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Foob, the series.

In the early part of the 2000s, someone in the television industry looked at the fairly good response the specials had and decided that a series based on For Better or For Worse would play equally well. The reason it didn't last seems to be that the producers ran out of money or something but it did get fairly good press when it was running. Since it's more or less a continuation of the specials, it seems fitting to give you an idea of the structure that YouTube denies you. We began the episodes with a live-action segment that had Lynn at a drawing board talking about the characters and more or less telling us about the episode's theme. The example I'm going to use is the fourth episode; as Lynn bloviated about how she and Aaron were joined at the hip, it became obvious that we were going to get a good look at the Delicate Genius. After she'd signed her name to the image of Dainty Doll-boy Mike, a title card saying "The Early Years" appeared, we were given a typical wordless wonder strip and then launched into a short called "Stage Fright"; this was an adaptation of the story arc in which Mike was mortified that Elly ran around trying to save the old theater. He was forced to endure a stupid lecture about how his reputation is as nothing to his mother's need to Save History. The next segment represented the "Growing Years" and was an adaptation of the story line in which Michael Learned An Important Lesson about Being Responsible by having to stand around like a fool pushing a hot dog cart. The last is from the Later Years and was called "It's a living"; Michael interviews John for the Valley Voice and learns an important lesson about how he should have been more grateful that his parents felt that feeding, clothing and housing him was, at best, optional.

I learned something from this episode as well; what I learned is that Lynn's over-reliance on the need of her fictional children to Learn Valuable Lessons is even more painful to endure when you hear the characters speak. That goes double for John and Elly's refusal to entertain the possibility that they might be in the wrong.
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